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Most nations will be off for 5 days   restaurants to run large losses — people.com.cn Hainan windows — people.com.cn original title: warm international metropolitan electricity for 5 days notice of the miserable food store owner / restaurant hung in front of a temporary suspension of yesterday, Haikou international metropolis merchant Mr. Wu to the international tourism island daily from September 23rd to September 27th, reporters reflect the market for catering businesses caused power outages beyond its normal business, causing serious economic losses, which repeatedly find universal metropolitan property relevant responsible person is not a reasonable explanation. The merchant stores restaurants to run big loss off yesterday morning at 10:50 PM, reporters rushed to the metropolitan mall to see, the mall on the third floor, four floor, five floor, most of the restaurant door is in the closed, semi closed state, no lights in the restaurant is empty, in the dim light, no patronage. In a sub grilled fish store door is hung with warm notices temporarily closed, written from September 23rd to September 27th due to international metropolis in the world catering businesses catering businesses can not cause power outages in normal business, causing serious economic losses, unable to pay the rent, each taking home many times to the universal property for rent relief, universal property ignore it, even threatening to power businesses, businesses are unable to pay the supplier payment, so closed. Few customers to patronize these days, the income also has a large degree of decline, the loss of nearly 100 thousand yuan loss of about $5." Amazon theme restaurant manager Mr. Wu said that in September 23rd the mall began to power, 28 days before the normal power supply, he in the world metropolis shop for 6 years or so, the daily turnover of 20 thousand to 30 thousand yuan, 5 days off losses of about 100 thousand yuan. Another soup store manager said that their wages will, during the blackout, food bit of a loss, this is not a small cost, and greater loss is the loss of customers. Some customers see the shop closed, will think the store closed, will also affect their reputation and their international metropolis many times to find the relevant person in charge, hoping to get a reasonable explanation, but the answer given to reduce property rental days, which is considered to be unreasonable, minus a few days isn’t good to reduce the rent the loss of their own. At the scene, a number of catering businesses have said the power to varying degrees to bring their own serious economic losses. The property of cable was dug bad to the mall off then, reporters came to the metropolitan Property Department to understand the situation, the property management department official Lin Xiaolian said that the current water supply has been normal for a few days before the blackout because of municipal engineering workers in the operation of small heart Waduan underground cable lead, property company was also arranged people, including municipal workers repair the cable in overtime, in order to repair as soon as possible. Relevant staff during the maintenance period the property company also launched an emergency plan, the use of generators to ensure normal normal use of lighting, freezer, refrigerator, but because the power is low, and can not guarantee the use of lampblack machine, water heater, rice, steamer etc. these large power electric device, so as to ensure the normal operation of the catering businesses. For loss of business,)相关的主题文章: