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The United States VC warned Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs: if you want to build a big company in the next 5 years, will be in a good start to China strategy – Sohu technology not only Chinese startups want to go, now, American startups have also had Chinese as an important destination, where innovation and development speed, the fast emergence and broad market has become to attract American entrepreneurs to reason. Just a few months ago, the United States top incubator Rocket Space announced an explosive news: Rocket Space and HNA Group in-depth strategic cooperation and the joint venture, and received $336 million investment structure of HNA Group, including equity investments, China joint venture company registered capital investment, Hainan real estate investment and industry resources, to support global expansion plans to Chinese led by Space Rocket. Why is the sea? Why is Rocket Space? In the PingWest play in San Francisco’s SYNC conference, Rocket Space CEO and founder of Duncan Logan and former Silicon Valley Bank Asia project Senior Director Lilly Huang, on the topic of us cross-border innovation. In the conference, Logan trip to Chinese, he China for the development of science and technology and undertaking very excited, think Chinese is one of the only rival Silicon Valley, in time, may even surpass Silicon Valley. "In my opinion, the speed of innovation in China is terrible. Even though many companies in the Silicon Valley began to imitate the idea, finally slowly beyond these Silicon Valley ancestors. There are a lot of areas to do much better than Silicon Valley." Logan says. So, Rocket Space plan and HNA Group together to create a joint fund plan in 2017 6 China city to build 6 Chinese version of "Rocket Space", to quickly enter the market. The Beijing branch will open this year. They are trying to find out the best of the 200 start-up companies, to attract them to the Rocket Space in Beijing, bringing their VC resources and enterprise resources to them. Logan went to China this time, was taught a word – "returnees". In Logan seems that returnees have been very understanding of the U.S. market, but also know how to conduct global cooperation. However, in the eyes of some Rocket Space employees, some Chinese are still very rude (Rude). But Logan will understand that this is actually a culture – Chinese people just like to do things in their own way. "We want to be a part of China market, rather than in the China build a Silicon Valley, so we also accept the differences, learning the culture and people act in the way — so I (the China) also go a few times KTV!" Logan jokes. Rocket Space will be in the hands of Chinese enterprises financing相关的主题文章: