Watch the pioneer game player game account theft was hacking Aguirre

Watch the pioneer game player game account theft was daohaozhe Aguirre before Post Bar a borrow, stolen post is a fire, received tens of thousands of messages, Xiao Bian also carefully looked at it, collect it, hope that we can learn from it, and you don’t make the same wrong! Post Bar you talk things through, and the ones who exchange daohaozhe very arrogant said anyway you must take back that failed to do so not only the ones want to mail and identity hacking SMS notification bind their mobile phone and do not know how to know the owner of the mobile phone number, may be open the QQ mail list, then the owner was bombarded with calls later attacked the victim about the whole thing by the owner after a few days of rights has not been successful, but the landlord has received tens of thousands of people in support of the last owner finally through repeated appeals successfully back everyone knows that account is not supported by the number of Blizzard, behavior, but how does not support, before has been inconclusive, a classic today Xiaobian to borrow the Post Bar borrow, stolen, give you the popularity of a Next related knowledge! 1, although the number is not directly by the title, but Blizzard is not support account sharing, your account in the account for the repair, because of "borrow, suspected inadmissible". The result is that you can’t get your account back! (this is the next big thing.) 2, account to modify the password does not need any security verification, as long as you know the password, you can directly modify the new password. 3, there is no default account binding mobile phone, and any security email verification, does not need to bind when the mobile phone is, if you are not bound to give others a mobile phone account, so he got the account after the binding of their mobile phone, and modify the password, you can directly retrieve the password. You have to use your ID card scanning pieces for a complaint, and if you borrow the number of problems caused by the number lost, and this post bar users, it is likely to be difficult to apply for success, it is difficult to recover. 4, different locations may lead to landing net, is locked into safe mode, the optional random verification three safety problems in one of the two to three landing (refers to the mailbox, mobile phone verification code verification code, and security issues, will verify the three random lock in two, then you choose a convenient verification to verify). 5, know when the password if meet security verification, forcibly attempts to security verification error, may cause the system will be locked and forcibly change the password, the system will send a message to reset the password to your mailbox, you must set a new password through the mail to a normal landing battle. 6, security token is the highest level of security, mobile phone and two sub entities, usually use the mobile phone, tied after any landing will need to enter the real-time verification code (single verification code valid for about 30S~1 minutes), want to borrow, go out, you can consider this, but you have to at any time can send verification code of the state. 7, according to.相关的主题文章: