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.puters-and-Technology Selecting a web hosted access control system could be the right move for your .pany, school or facility. There are numerous costs, mostly unseen, that a traditional access control system incur over the life of the system. These unseen costs can be quite expensive over the long term and using a web-hosted access control system can help lower these expenses. Below are some of the greatest cost benefits that can be offered by selecting a web-hosted access control system. 1.On-site Server for Software A dedicated server or .puter for hosting the access control system can cost thousands of dollars. This onetime cost coupled with the maintenance of the .puter; including upgrades to the operating system, service packs, and hardware repairs (hard drives, fans, etc) can cost hundreds or even thousands more. Using a web-hosted access control system solves all of these issues. With web-hosting there is no on-site server or .puter. The database and software are kept at a secure hosting center where all of the system maintenance is done by the hosting .pany. All of these features are offered for a small monthly hosting fee and allows you and IT (Information Technology) personnel to tend to more important issues. 2. Database backups Database backups are often a tedious task and many times are not checked regularly or worse, are not done at all. For those .panies and people that have experienced an access control system crash, they know the amount of time, effort and money that can be involved in getting the system back online. Web-hosted systems offer daily system backups and redundant servers. With these systems, you are assured that your system will be up and operating when you need it. 3. System Updates Software upgrades and patches can cost money and can be very time consuming. Upgrades to the access control software may also require you to upgrade or service pack the operating system; all of these obstacles cost you more time and money. With a web-hosted system, these upgrades and feature enhancements are done automatically with no additional charge to you. There is only the small monthly hosting fee that you are responsible for, which provides all of these benefits. 4. Virus protection Protecting against virus, spyware, and adware can be a daunting task and also an expensive one. Since there is no local server and the panels run an embedded OS, worrying about these types of risks be.es a thing of the past. All of the protection is provided by the hosting .pany through a secure data center using 128 bit encryption to ensure your absolute protection. 5. Client Licenses & remote access One of the best benefits of a web-hosted system is there is no client licensing fees and you are able to access the system from any .puter with internet connection. To log onto your account you simply visit our website and click on the web-hosted access control link. You are then taken to a secure log on page where you enter your unique username and password. From there you have .plete control over your access control system. With web-hosting there is no software to install and it works on Windows, Mac, Citrix and Terminal Server. Web-hosted access control systems offer you a high end access control system at a low initial cost and even lower total cost of ownership long-term during the life of the system. For additional information on web-hosted access control system or for a demonstration on how a web-hosted system can help lower your costs and eliminate headaches contact our office and speak with one of our account executives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: