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West Lake side of an apartment price of 110 million yuan per square meter equivalent to – Sohu news   through a large curved glass windows, you can enjoy the scenery of West Lake. Mr. Ding photo   living room outside the window is the beauty of West Lake Ding Zhejiang online news September 15th photo before the reporter passing around the city of Hangzhou Road No. 8, found a set of West Lake and just across the street the house price to 110 million yuan for sale. After several twists and turns, the reporter contacted the owner of the old friends – has been helping to take care of this house in Hangzhou for many years, Mr. ding. Mr. Ding, the total area of 448.6 square meters of the house, a total of 6 rooms 3 hall 3 Wei 1 kitchen balcony, including 3 underground parking spaces. This time the real Chairman Mr. Todin hangs the price to sell 110 million yuan, equivalent to the price per square meter is about 245 thousand yuan. Reporters in Hangzhou several well-known intermediary companies, the listing price at the edge of the West Lake query second-hand apartments; also consulted several specially luxurious business intermediary clerk, they believe that this should be the most expensive price of West Lake apartment. The 16 year old house can sell 110 million yuan in rare lots of beautiful lake why this apartment hangs the price so high? Ding told reporters in detail about the sale of these apartments in the years. West apartment construction year around 2000, is the only residential, total floor 8 floor, elevator room, the roof has a huge public terrace. The whole house west to West Lake, a total of 25 sets of houses. Heavy traffic across the ring road, opposite is that a pool of West Lake water. The West apartment located on the 8 floor penthouse, a panoramic view of West Lake scenery, no block objects and buildings, and West Lake is zero distance contact. Across the road is the six Park in West Lake, not far from the West Lake bridge is well-known scenic spots, as well as the Hangzhou Youth Palace, the East is Hangzhou famous women’s street Wulin Road, close to Hangzhou’s Yanan Road, south of the Lakeview Hotel, the Hyatt Hotel, it can be said that the housing location is quite rare. The beautiful lake and is located in the city center, the owner very emboldened to hang up over 100 million yuan price. The master bedroom, living room visible landscape of West Lake interior decoration, public lobby concise September 13th at noon, reporters and Mr. Ding at West apartment. Ding took the key, with reporters to visit the apartment in a field. Found into the lobby, and now on the market in the sale of luxury beautiful decoration lobby compared here is more concise lobby renovation. There are two elevators in the lobby, any one of them can go to the 8 floor, is a spacious elevator. On the market in the sale of luxury, a staircase is a very high-end configuration. This apartment with two elevator, the equivalent of two ladder. The elevator is empty, without any cabinet or debris piled up. After entering the apartment, the room can be described as empty. Because the deserted, no furniture and soft outfit in the apartment, the floor of the local red a little black, to the old villa in Shanghai history that heavy feeling. Kitchen is a white European style cabinets, the shape is simple, into.相关的主题文章: