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When the big aunt to visit? – how long does it take for her to have a normal menstrual cycle after weaning? How does weaning period abnormal do? How long after weaning has a certain relationship with the recovery of menstruation and lactation. In general, if not postpartum lactation, 1-2 months can be resumed menstruation, late if 3 months postpartum will resume menstruation. While breastfeeding women menstrual recovery time delay is longer, may not have menstruation throughout the lactation period. But after the cessation of breast-feeding in general three months can restore menstruation, over this period and no person should go to the hospital to identify the cause. From a medical point of view, according to the organization of the endometrium to speculate, as early as 33-42 days after the birth of the ovaries can be ovulation. In addition, 6 weeks after birth, we can also observe the presence of the corpus luteum after ovulation. How long period after weaning? Normally, mother have menstrual cramps during lactation, if the baby weaning time in the postpartum 3 months later, of course, some mothers menstruation recovered slowly, during the whole lactation may not appear menstruation, menstruation returned to normal in 3 months after cessation of lactation. The research data show that no breastfeeding mothers, accounting for 40% of the group in 6 weeks postpartum ovulation, and menstruation; to postnatal 8-12 week, did not restore ovulation and menstruation mother proportion is about 35%. If there is breast-feeding mothers, 12 weeks after the start of the recovery of ovulation and menstruation by the proportion of the majority, the majority of breast-feeding mothers to fully restore the function of the time required for the treatment of 18 weeks in. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine the exact time of the first menstrual period in the clinic, and a small number of mothers will begin to have less to moderate amount of bleeding after delivery. Do not come after weaning how to do? According to whether the postpartum lactation and their mother physical differences, time of postpartum menstruation It differs from man to man. Generally within 3 months postpartum, menstruation can be basically restored. Part of the mother after weaning is not to menstruation, may wish to observe a few days after weaning, three months of menstruation is a normal situation. However, if not to menstruation after weaning, there may be a long time lead to amenorrhea, uterine size, or lactation period is too long, fast recovery of the atrophy of the uterus is not. If there is not to menstruation after weaning, irregular menstruation and so on, can use western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine therapy: 1, western medicine: Western medicine is the use of sequential therapy of estrogen and progesterone (also known as artificial cycle) by 1-2 cycles after treatment, the majority of people to the complex. However, these methods must be used after weaning. 2, Chinese medicine therapy: Traditional Chinese medicine is the application of nourishing yin and Tonifying Qi and blood circulation of Qi and blood or drugs for treatment, need conditioning time may be longer, but the side effect is relatively small. After weaning the first postpartum menstruation is not normal menstrual vaginal bleeding, are many mothers as menstruation, in fact, through the determination of basal body temperature, which is 60% anovulatory, strictly speaking is anovular menstruation is not true menstruation. The amount and duration of bleeding is much longer than normal menstrual cycle is not allowed. Postpartum micro相关的主题文章: