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The two or three when you need a table lead: the most beautiful time on the road, traveling through self discovery, on the meaning of life in the slow passage of time. Only the right time, there will be a perfect travel experience. Two, or three, is all you need to watch a. (source: GQ man network editor: Zoe.Yang) Bvlgari Hora Domvs watch the real travel watch the birth of pioneering work, the moment to meet the needs of travelers. With the development of science and technology, the gap between time and space is shrinking, and the world has gradually evolved into a global village". Hora Domvs, derived from Latin, meaning "local time", designed to truly meet the needs of travelers. This is a classic and innovative watch has long machinery manufacturing complex functions, but the use is very convenient. Hora Domvs pure and clean dial make it more easy to read, to meet the actual demand of trapeze and occupation of more and more travelers. The destination time is set by a button with 4 points on the dial, and the global traveler can see through a fine arrow. At the same time, the local time through the side of the small short hour is always visible. Bvlgari precision display even considering switching summer winter, day and night or morning and transform information. Although the function is huge, but the function between the conversion through the button to switch, the operation is very convenient. After the activation of the watch can synchronize home time and destination time, and in the course of the journey, the two exquisite time zone can be cleverly stacked. Hora Domvs is equipped with the Calibre BLV191 movement, is located in Switzerland, Le Le Jie Bvlgari de Haute Horlogerie factory developed and equipped with a rich homemade accessories. This automatic movement of the core frequency of 21600 per hour, diameter 28.3mm, thickness of 8.55mm, equipped with 18K Rose Gold Double oval dial. No matter where you are, Hora Domvs can guide you. Technical parameters of Hora DomVs Calibre BVL191 watch movement movement, automatic chain, vibration frequency of 21600 per hour, 48 hours of power storage; the diameter of 28.30mm, thickness 8.55mm, manual adjusting device, rotary ring pattern, Geneva pattern, oblique gang piece. The function of multi time zone function is realized by using two large size dial, 24 city can choose to adapt to the complex features include summer local time (DST) winter (standard) and circadian selection and adaptation to the time of the morning afternoon selection. Through 4 kinds of directional buttons are synchronized by two time zones, two accurate pointer shows the corresponding time: local time and destination time; the local time is to follow the seasonal variation of permanent display. 18K rose gold case with dial dial collocation 18K.相关的主题文章: