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The princess who come high fairy qumer God lead: Spring 2016 couture fashion week has ended, Valentino, Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad of the three fairy brand gradually released spring 2016 high set series, 3 models such as vision, surprisingly similar, 3 brands use the crown in garment accessories, with the theme looks gorgeous and extraordinary. (reprinted from PCLADY) Valentino 2016 spring and summer high ranked series crown, this season gave up luxury complex design, but to more simple and practical oriented. For example, Valentino Golden Snake crown, easy to wear and exotic. Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad on the basis of traditional crown, fabric movement more bold embroidery and nail beads, beautiful luxury without losing romance. Each has its own style, I do not know you will think which fairy head crown more beautiful? Valentino the goddess X serpentine crown Valentino spring 2016 couture collection Valentino spring 2016 couture collection, Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo brand designer Maria Piccioli to get inspiration from the Western mythology, the model is portrayed as a devout and holy priestess, wearing decorative totem myth, still in the time of Sino us. Valentino spring 2016 couture collection Valentino Elie Saab spring 2016 couture collection Beaded Crown Princess X of India Elie Saab2016 Elie Saab2016 series high spring and summer spring and summer high set series of past gorgeous style, exquisite embroidery, lace, bead fusion of elements in India, every detail crafted. The models dressed in this season have become the princess of India, and they are luxurious and luxurious. Elie Saab2016 series Elie Saab2016 spring and summer high spring and summer high set series Elie series Zuhair Murad Saab2016 and high xBling Bling crown princess dream Zuhair Murad spring 2016 couture collection as a gorgeous style is Zuhair Murad signs, fantastic color is never bored. With the head of Bling Bling, this season, Zuhair Murad Princess dreams are more dazzling. Zuhair Murad 2016 spring and summer high set series Zuhair Murad 2016 spring and summer high set series Zuhair Murad 2016 spring and summer high definition series

高定各家公主来参赛 谁的仙女冠美上天   导语:2016春夏高级定制时装周已落幕,Valentino、Elie Saab、Zuhair Murad这三大仙女品牌陆续发布了2016春夏高定系列,3家的模特都如梦幻仙子一般,出奇的相似的是,3个品牌在配饰都用到了头冠,配合服装主题看起来美艳绝伦又超凡脱俗。(转载自PCLADY) Valentino 2016春夏高定系列   头冠这一季放弃了奢华复杂的设计,而是以更为简约和实用为主。比如Valentino 的金色蛇形冠,方便佩戴又充满异域风情。Elie Saab和Zuhair Murad 在传统头冠的基础上,面料运动更为大胆的刺绣和钉珠,唯美奢华不失浪漫。各家都有各自的风情,不知道你会觉得哪家的仙女头冠更美腻呢?   Valentino祭司女神 X 蛇形皇冠 Valentino 2016春夏高定系列   Valentino 2016春夏高定系列,品牌设计师Maria Grazia Chiuri与Pierpaolo Piccioli从东西方的神话传说获取灵感,将模特们塑造成虔诚圣洁的女祭司,头戴神话中的图腾装饰,在时光中美得静止。 Valentino 2016春夏高定系列 Valentino 2016春夏高定系列   Elie Saab印度公主 X钉珠头冠 Elie Saab2016春夏高定系列   Elie Saab2016春夏高定系列以往极致华丽的风格,精美的刺绣、珠钉、蕾丝融合印度元素,每一处细节都精雕细琢。身穿本季仙裙的模特们纷纷化身为印度公主,仙气又奢华。 Elie Saab2016春夏高定系列 Elie Saab2016春夏高定系列 Elie Saab2016春夏高定系列   Zuhair Murad梦幻公主 xBling Bling头冠 Zuhair Murad 2016春夏高定系列   华美如一的风格就是Zuhair Murad的招牌,梦幻的色彩更是从来都不腻味。加上Bling Bling 的头冠,这一季Zuhair Murad 梦幻公主们更加耀眼。 Zuhair Murad 2016春夏高定系列 Zuhair Murad 2016春夏高定系列 Zuhair Murad 2016春夏高定系列相关的主题文章: