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Who let the local unemployed drug idle? The introduction of New Zealand but had to immigrate to the United States stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants who let local unemployed drug idle? New Zealand had no choice but to immigration Huitong news network September 6th — New Zealand Prime Minister John (John Key) – based said, because some local unemployed are drug idleness. The New Zealand government had engaged in immigration of low skilled jobs. Monday (September 5th), New Zealand radio station for the high rate of New Zealand’s unemployment rate during the high rate of questioning, John – base admitted immigrants are making New Zealand’s infrastructure overwhelmed. New Zealand radio reported that in July 2016 New Zealand immigrants hit a record high of 69 thousand, although the transaction economy website data show that the unemployment rate in New Zealand in the second quarter of up to 5.1% to 131 thousand. However, Prime Minister John believes that immigrants will be engaged in New Zealand will not or can not do the work, so immigrants in many cases is necessary. John – Prime Minister special mention of the recognized seasonal employer program to encourage migrant workers from the Pacific Islands, including Samoa, Tonga and Fiji to engage in farm work. John – prime minister said that under the RSE program, you can introduce a floating population to pick fruit. The New Zealand government has said "well, there are some unemployed living in Hawke’s Bay, why not let them pick fruit?" At present, the New Zealand government has been recognized in the domestic seasonal employer program. Employers, however, would say that these people were unable to pass a drug test, some of them would not be on time for work, and some would later face health threats. Editor: Zhang Yujie SF107相关的主题文章: