Why did the technology leading Republican lose the first place in the information war t420s

Once the technology leading Republicans are in an "information war" lost the first inning Wenwang Dan Wei from New York, Washington, 2016 United States presidential election campaign was like a raging fire, with the November final voting day approaching, the two candidates of the campaign has intensified. Hilary (Hillary Clinton), Trump (Donald) two candidates behind, is the strength of the various aspects of the two teams confrontation, and the strength of the technology in which the weight is increasing in the. Hilary has a start-up company in Silicon Valley, while Trump only twitter, is the best description of the current technical strength of the two candidates. A well-known Silicon Valley investor Jason Calacanis once quipped: Trump is a successful businessman, he had not even a reliable technical team. In fact, the campaign team to create gene technology is not done overnight, the need for funds, manpower, culture and other aspects of long-term investment. Although the Democrats are far ahead of technology, the Republican Party has even led the field in the past, and the two parties are not concerned about the technology began in recent years. Between 1913 and 1915 U.S. Secretary of state William Jennings Jennings (William · · Bryan), during his tenure in office, received 2000 paper messages every day. Beginning in 1890s, he and his team gathered information about these voters or potential voters, their party, work, religious beliefs, etc.. After 30 years of continuous updates, Blaine’s database to collect the information of the 500 thousand people, and there are plans to send these people directed propaganda political information. Data is closely related to political elections, candidates for the use of data has at least 100 years of history. However, Blaine has had the most abundant information in the three voters, represent the Democratic Party presidential election, was defeated — "database" in the nineteenth Century elections, due to their own shortcomings, did not play a decisive role. Caption: the 2016 election, the number of fans and the Twitterf Facebook presidential candidate Trump, Hilary and other candidates like the number of. In the last ten years or so in the election of the three, the situation is undergoing significant changes, the breadth, depth and complexity of the data are exponential growth. If the data is slowly changing the electoral landscape of the United States, then the U.S. presidential election in 2016 can be called the election of capital intensive to technology intensive turn of the year. Entering the new era of "information warfare". Strategy: from "friends" to "crush one by one" Obama for the first time in 2008’s presidential election victory that night, the team opened an intern Mr. President Twitter (twitter) account, issued a congratulatory message, this tweet was forwarded 157 times total. Four years later, when Obama won the presidential election, his Twitter has been an experienced team in the business, and was elected in 2012 to celebrate twitter, on the three day.相关的主题文章: