With airbnb for young travelers to do the Qinglv Accor douke

With Airbnb for young travelers to do the Accor CYTS stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants recently, Europe’s largest hotel group Accor Hotels (Accor Group) announced, will launch a new brand of hotel Jo& in 2018; Joe. The brand is similar to the Youth Hostel, each hotel covers an area of about 43000 square feet (about 3994.83 square meters), can provide beds ranging from 300-600. About 30% of the rooms will be double rooms, triple rooms, 30% rooms will be the 4-6 world, there are 30% people will be 8-12 ward, the remaining 10% are apartments, tents etc.. The reference price is currently at least 25 euros per person per night. The company says, Jo& Joe features are suitable for millennials experience local life space, including public kitchen, central bar, yoga room, music venue, DIY workshops; public areas will provide Mongolia bag, hammock, caravan, the hotel staff will use every presentation send the city tourism experience. It is understood that Jo& Joe the first hotel will be opened in Paris, France and Bordeaux, 2020 will be stationed in other European cities, such as Warsaw, Budapest, and Brazil, Rio De Janeiro and St Paul. In recent years, equivalent to provide a standardized brand hotel, Airbnb is a personalized service for young people of all ages, the launch of Jo& Joe is the way to deal with accor. In April this year, Accor 148 million euros to acquire "high-end version of Airbnb" — the British short rent high-end brand Onefinestay. In addition, according to Accor in 2016 semi annual report, the group also plans to invest 64 million euros in Onefinestay, accelerate the pace of internationalization development. Accor Group CEO Sebastien Bazin said: "the rise of economic thought against the share is not possible, we must grasp this trend, innovation." As for why the choice of youth hostels, a research report of the consulting firm KPMG show: "past profits field youth hostel is relatively low, but in recent years the situation has changed greatly, also attracted the attention of many investors. They hope to explore the potential of this area by improving the quality of their lives and services." In 2015, the French state-owned bank BPI France of investment on Youth Hostel brand New Nomads; Fonciere des Regions Investment Group has also invested 400 million euros, up to 2018, the youth hostel development plan. According to the tourism industry research firm Phocuwright, there are 18000 youth hostels in the world, the market in 2014 amounted to 5 billion 200 million euros, to 2020 will grow to 7 billion euros per year, an increase of 7% to 8%相关的主题文章: