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With knowledge, to the distance (for my college youth camp? 8) – Society – people.com.cn youth ideal light is always the most beautiful landscape. There is a group of college students, they choose to go out of the campus, to the practice of knowledge, in the places where the motherland needs youthful sparkling light. Rural education, grassroots attachment, social investigation, volunteer service…… They use the knowledge to serve the society and the world with a measured pace, with the "practice" harvest "". They practice reading thousands of books, traveling thousands of miles, not only to see the outside world is not the same wonderful, also at the most basic level of local China read. This period, we focus on the story of social practice of college students to share their gains and changes. In practice, with love and responsibility on a weekend, before dawn, Communication University of China master Liao South Phoenix Academy has to go out, take the subway first, rushed to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall for volunteer service. It is hot summer or cold winter, since the memorial service in 2013 to participate in volunteer management from Chairman Mao, Liao Nan has never been interrupted, it has accumulated more than 1 thousand and 500 hours of service. Every morning at 6 posts, in the face of the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall before the waves of people, standing in the Tiananmen square volunteers, everybody smiling, standing erect, to provide people counseling, information consulting, language translation, help the old, disabled group booking and simple emergency service to tourists. Liao Nan said that he has not remember how many times my talk loudly, leg cramps…… "Memorial service for the people to guard, Chairman Mao, make me feel very happy." Liao Nan said, every morning see Tiananmen square flag, a sense of national pride arise spontaneously, your whole body will be full of energy. Because doing volunteer work, Liao Nan almost no holidays. When he saw the tourists visiting Tiananmen, he remembered that he had not been reunited with his family for a long time. "Is needed, is happy." The little boy, say "what is life extremely elegant and valuable, worth? My values are actually very simple, to do their best to help others, contribute to society." Tsinghua University, School of economics and management student Wang Zhanshuo’s trip to Africa’s practice, but also the beginning of love. From 2012 onwards, Wang Zhanshuo went to Africa to carry out educational poverty alleviation and love service. A primary school in Kenya, he became a volunteer teacher, open a window to the outside world for the local students’ cognition. In the process of teaching, he will China elements and the local curriculum integration in Chinese and backgammon as the representative of the characteristics of a wind China course in East campus. When you see a local student book with his father to write pinyin "thank you" and he wrote "I love China", when students take in the Gobang game, "the moment we feel, as exotic young teachers, transmission of love and friendship, this is our trip the meaning of." Wang Zhanshuo said. As the founder of the China Africa Exchange Association, Tsinghua University, Wang Zhanshuo repeatedly took the mission to Africa to carry out a series of activities with the theme of public interest and youth exchanges. African version of "Ala Muhan" "return home"相关的主题文章: