Women buy online shopping three beauty equipment manufacturers get a refund after court mediation tamiflu

Women buy online shopping "three" beauty equipment manufacturers JINGWAH get a refund after court mediation times dispatch (reporter Zheng Yujia) to buy a double fold beauty equipment through the network, after receipt of the goods found for the "three noes" products. Because many buyers want a refund was refused, Ms. Xing will produce a technology companies to court. Yesterday morning, the reporter was informed that the court mediation, technology companies agreed to return and refund 17000 yuan. It is reported that Ms. Xing Department of beauty industry practitioners, at the beginning of this year in the home through the purchase of a Taobao science and technology company produces a beauty instrument. Ms. Xing said, the company claimed that the machine utilizes the bio energy in its "principle, the skin tissue and forced tarsal adhesion, adhesion foci, thus forming the eyelid. In addition, the page also claimed that the eyelid 5 minutes to complete and open canthus in 3 minutes, 5 minutes to complete the double chin, no surgery, no stitches, no scar, no suture, no pain, can be done to wash, even makeup. However, after the receipt of the goods, Ms. Xing found the instrument for the "three noes" products, and can not achieve the commitment technology company in the pages of the eyelid 5 minutes etc.. After repeated communication with Ms. Xing technology companies want a refund, but technology companies have not shirk to solve. Under Ms. Xing reluctantly taken to court, require technology companies to refund the purchase price 17000 yuan. In the face of Ms. Xing’s prosecution, the company argued that its products do not exist in the quality of the products are produced by regular manufacturers. After Tongzhou court judges repeatedly the parties of unilateral mediation work, two parties finally reached an agreement in Tongzhou court, Ms. Xing Technology Company in court refund the purchase price 17000 yuan, Ms. Xing court will be returned to beauty equipment technology company, both sides have no other disputes.相关的主题文章: