Wong’s Beef – Sohu to eat and drink winavi

Huang beef – Beijing Wangjing Huangmen Sohu may eat and drink at the dinner, said the contemporary Meng Changjun Huang Ke, a famous beef soup dish, from the beginning of 2000 until today, fourteen years, an estimated total of thousands of pot on the table, even with spicy hemp wrapped into a total of at least more than 30 thousand people incense and diners mouth. (photograph on the Internet) this dish is the last century at the beginning of 70s, he was the time when the youth crunching out. One winter, a head of cattle production team from the cliff fall dead, he used a few cents to buy a belong to "water" belly skin, together after the members gave him two cattle, with hair clean, use pepper, hot pepper, pepper, pickled ginger and other spices, simmer stew out with with a pot, then pick up a handful of green in front of their own garden of coriander into the pot, the aroma was diffused in the production team, and then go toward the other production team. To a dozen fellow Chongqing educated friends around the wood burning stove, and simmer while eating, while talk about ideal. 22 shochu belly, and began to play the finger game winner: "four seasons financial, so eating Meilai??" from the person when the walk to the village is divided into two camps designated north and south, and then heard the voice of partial voice singing in unison Drake: "freedom, the flag in the flying??" he said that they are late in that year the happiest in the winter night, spicy and slippery. This reminds me of last century, in 70s 60, Youyang Street "home fair day service door to sell beef offal soup pot scene: firewood stove made of old kerosene tin barrels, it cooked a big iron pot boiling to ring cattle a tap; cattle intestines, tripe, beef heart, bovine when with pepper, hot pepper, white wine, white sugar, watercress, kaempferol, anise, etc. with entanglement exudes wonderful fragrance, seducing people coming and going Ganchang slobber, also tempt came home from school at noon I longed to look. Now in retrospect that pot brilliant fragrance of beef offal soup pot, and now Huang Ke home "Huang beef" sweet taste so much like that. The summer of 2007, Huang Ke Articles 20 Fen, poet Zhang Zao, beauty and a pot of Wanxiu he personally cooked beef, boarded the Phoenix "Lu Yu". The smell of the beef rose incense, covering the entire studio hall. Lu Yu was reading me Huang Ke wrote: Mr. Huang Ke Wangjing Huangmen delicacy all dinner dishes. The sirloin with salt, cooking wine yards, first taste, then with ginger, passion, pickle, spices under the pan fried until golden soup. First with the eighteen year old Menghuo turned 50 slow simmer for three hours. Spicy love has soft, sticky sticky love, love lingering. While the audience while queuing like the Eucharist, came to receive Huang Ke beef. A dinner of beef dishes, hook people could be so awful is probably slobber, before before the new China established, after 90 people. The trick is six. How to choose one of the two layers of the soft leather piece of sirloin lean two tricks; take the whole sirloin, boiled water, cooking wine, pepper, chilli, ginger cooked, drain water, then cut into little pieces just entrance three tips, with vegetable oil.相关的主题文章: