World walking day walking is the best sport in the world

World walking day: walking is the world movement in September 29th is the best world walking day, walking is the simplest and most economical way of movement, as long as the stride legs can move up whenever and wherever possible! Taking into account the benefits of walking for everyone’s health and happiness, the international fitness and Mass Sports Association (TAFISA) launched the world walking day, the time for the annual September 29th. Want a safe and effective, easy to operate, walking is undoubtedly the best choice. For those who usually less exercise, jogging will be prone to injury. In contrast, when walking, the soles of the feet by the impact of about 1 to 2 times the weight of about 13 of running. Moreover, the impact on the body when walking can improve immunity, while delaying aging. Adhere to walk to exercise the body, can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, but also can prevent depression, neurasthenia and other diseases. The International Health Organization defines walking as "the best sport in the world". The people who want to lose weight can achieve perfect effect by walking, and not like other sports so tired. Thinking while walking, can also help to clarify ideas, solve problems, while reducing mental stress, physical and mental relaxation. Experts advise healthy adults to exercise every day, and as a regular way of life. A lot of people to walk less attention, but the Tibet ancient culture of the wave to teach "four law" ceremony cloud: "walk to open the meridians, relax body and mind light pulse, ANN, reduce disease and prolong life, the development of wisdom." And so on a lot of energy. Here are eighteen benefits of walking: first, increase memory: with the growth of age, people’s memory is also back, walking can increase memory. Two, open the meridian: I am writing for more than and 20 years, did not pay attention to the body, meridian stiff, the body has a small pimple, the doctor said that the need to walk, I walk two years later, a lot less pimple. Three, relax pulse: Meridian impassability, pulse natural stiff, the whole body is very nervous, very stiff, every afternoon to walk for half an hour, then the body relax a lot. Four, physical and mental ease: physical and mental and physical anxiety, mental disharmony, injustice, physical and mental disease are from the blood barrier, cause blood barrier is the meridian barrier, therefore, body and mind are not free, I walk through, the patency of blood, physical and mental freedom. There is a relationship between this step and zen. Five, increase the heart function: walking can enhance the heart function, make the heart slow and powerful. Six, open the blood vessels: medicine, walking can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce the possibility of vascular rupture, walking can enhance the elasticity of the whole body. Seven, enhance the muscle strength by walking after can enhance the muscle strength, strong legs and foot force. Eight, smooth blood circulation: human blood is not smooth because of the meridians and veins, easy to get sick, walking can get through the meridians, enhance the body’s blood circulation and metabolism. Nine, reduce the five viscera disease: the viscera need exercise, if you do not exercise, naturally hardening and disease, therefore, can enhance the digestive gland of walking.相关的主题文章: