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Xi’an Changan District five teachers outside the class is being investigated illegal remedial Sun News (reporter intern reporter Zhao Shengjie Sun Jianli) recently, Changan District Education Bureau of Xi’an City, dealt with five teachers to use the time to rest after school and weekend classes outside the class of illegal cases, four temporary teachers were dismissed, a series of teacher performance pay in January and detained write a written examination. Recently, a Changan District Changan District government website said the parents to reflect, in the series of Taiyi Palace Street Center Primary School Teacher illegal start remedial classes. The Changan District Education Bureau carried out the verification, and in October 28th a reply, said: "after investigation found that the parents of the students reflect the problem basically true, Taiyi Central Primary School temporary appointment of teachers Wang, Wang, Zhao, Zengmou and Liu teachers in the series, there is the use of rest time after school and on weekends the makeup of the illegal outside class. The Education Bureau has ordered the central primary school immediately dismissed four Tai Lin Wang and 4 teachers. And ordered the Central Primary School Teachers in the series of Tai Liu and make a serious deal. The withholding of Liu’s one month salary and write a written examination." Note: the video is only extended reading. Students drowned event tracking illegal school lessons happens repeatedly

西安长安区五名教师违规校外办班补课被查处阳光讯(记者 赵生杰 实习记者 孙建利)近日,西安市长安区教育局查处一起五名教师利用放学后休息时间及双休日违规校外办班补课案件,四名临聘教师被辞退,一名在编教师被扣一月绩效工资并写出书面检查。 近日,长安区一名家长向长安区政府网站反映称,太乙宫街道中心小学在编老师违规开办补课班。长安区教育局进行了核查,并于10月28日进行了回复,称:“经过调查发现,学生家长反映的问题基本属实,太乙中心小学临聘教师王某、王某某、赵某、曾某和在编教师刘某,的确存在利用放学后休息时间及双休日违规校外办班补课的情况。教育局已责令太乙中心小学立即辞退四名临聘教师王某等4人。并责令太乙中心小学对在编教师刘某做出严肃处理。扣发刘某本人一个月绩效工资并写出书面检查。”注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 溺亡学生事件追踪 违规校外补课 缘何屡禁不止相关的主题文章: