Xinghaiwan police across 3 provinces and 5 cities uncovered fake antiques fraud dingxiangwuyuetian

Xinghaiwan police across 3 provinces and 5 cities uncovered fake antiques fraud source: Dalian evening news reporter: Zhao Zhuo heard Shandong Linyi found that many war Han Dynasty jade, I, a man has 10 times to buy 200 pieces of jade, the price of up to 2 million. Relevant experts said that these are fake jade. Recently, Xinghaiwan Public Security Bureau cracked a fake antiques fraud, police across 3 provinces and 5 cities will have 3 suspects arrested. In October last year, who lives in Xinghai Square in the vicinity of the Lin Peng (a pseudonym) in the Xinghai Exhibition Center Antiques Fair met fan, Lee and liu. Lin Peng has a hobby of collecting antiques, in the introduction of three people, Lin Peng in the stalls of the 3 of them, the war to buy the Han Dynasty jade. Soon, 3 people told Lin Peng, they found a lot of war in Shandong Han Dynasty jade Linyi graves, has been hidden in the cellar in Shandong home, afraid to open hand, now, they are eager to low-cost treatment. Hear 3 people say, Lin Peng thought picked up a big cheap, before and after the 10 place in the purchase of the war in the Han Dynasty of the 200 pieces of jade, the total price of up to 2 million yuan rmb. Later, in the antique exchange meeting, Lin Peng invite relevant experts to identify him to buy jade, but experts said, let Lin Peng be startled at, these 200 pieces of jade are fake. Find themselves deceived, in May this year, Lin Peng came to Xinghaiwan Public Security Bureau report. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately investigation the matter, and has in the city will suspect fan, Lee arrested another suspect in the case, but Liu has yet to appear without hearing a word about. The investigation found that Liu often in Nanjing, Hefei, Bengbu and other places, the Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately organized the police tracking clues, after Anhui, Jiangsu and Liaoning provinces and five cities, in October 27th, the police finally Liu foothold Bengbu Guangcai jade market arrested. So far, 3 suspects in the case have been arrested. Under questioning, the 3 suspects confessed that it was sold to Lin Peng’s war Han Dynasty jade is indeed antique crafts, not a real antique. At present, fan and Lee has officially been arrested for fraud, just arrested Liu has been under criminal detention, waiting for them will be severely punished by law. Here, the police also reminded the general public for antique cultural relics of the state, the law does not allow public sale, cheap do not blindly believe, give criminals an opportunity.相关的主题文章: