You have never seen, the history of the most cattle X nine Lego machine! (video) shuyue

You have never seen, the history of the most cattle X nine Lego machine! Lego in addition to create a variety of novel toys can be used to do? To open a small hole brain think now take you to see the most unbelievable Lego assembled several machines for the Lego ready for your knee · Lego clock (global clock number ball to right three balls in the trough from the left represent (hours and minutes) round the clock is updated once every 10 seconds time) · Lego · printer; Lego machine gun!!! Da da da da da da violent way range (however, if actually touching accidentally stepped on the "bullet", can you ache for a while) · automatic knitting machine! (I suspect it is a dazzling grandmother invented) · vending machine in the office a good helper · game build up the family fortunes; let the home video city turned whenever and wherever possible the three big Lego old driver to let you see what is the real routine! · Lego spacecraft!!! The ship took 21 hours together with more than 5 thousand pieces of the spacecraft so long I Lego · Lego car! In front of the toy or this can really hear the manned speed can be up to 20-30 km / hour Meng Da vintage car styling · Lego Lego intelligent robot intelligent robot can not only monitor whether you can play chess with you to the high-energy cheat oh! The world’s fastest spell intelligent robot three order cube with only 3.523 seconds tick Da niubable brain hole, strong ability to make a series of toys turned unlimited dare knee has been broken into slag if you are also a Lego most want to create what machine? This article from Tencent news client from the media, does not represent the views and positions of Tencent news. SONOS Wang Hanhua: if there is no music, home is just a house相关的主题文章: