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Yuan Shanshan is so tender you will also continue to face makeup aunt do review: the total was dubbed "Yuan aunt" Yuan Shanshan has finally rebelled, in addition, show hair cut short vest line by age, makeup pretending skill also practice this refreshing nude make-up reach the acme of perfection, white and tender, soft adorable cute coarse collocation a drooping brow and lovingly pathetic makeup, back to the second tender girl child! Get want to tender Yuan Shanshan makeup tips? Look at Li Mingze teacher to secret! Li Mingze beauty skin care expert: Li Mingze teacher Yuan Shanshan Yuan Shanshan Makeup: not only the micro analysis, make-up can actually so tender and adorable. Yuan Shanshan was tender is the key to clear the natural and lovely nude make-up, short chin. The cover can be oh, in Chin edge and facial contour, with deep one of the foundation, and the dye evenly. Yuan Shanshan: because eyebrows is dyed brown hair, to pick eyebrow color according to hair color, hair color is slightly deeper than the one, Yuan Shanshan is just perfect eyebrow color, the color is not too heavy. The eyebrow build is very simple, Yuan Shanshan is adding to the brow, dilute the eyebrow tail effect, seem to do not have a flavor. Makeup: drooping eye makeup can create a delicate and touching that visual sense, is very popular in Japan and South korea. Painted eye makeup, eyeliner eye end to pull, do not rise; under the liner must be dizzy, can not have obvious sense of line. The dark eye shadow to be superimposed on the end of eye, this view will be concentrated in the lower end of the eye, so as to achieve the drooping eye makeup effect. Lips: if the color is the pursuit of the lips, choose matte velvet textured just like Yuan Shanshan, the texture of the lip color saturation is often the highest. Painted lip gloss, lip gloss coated with lip can use the central bright effect, make your lips more three-dimensional, will seem much younger; finally let lip contour is the most natural halo, in lips.

袁姗姗都这么会妆嫩 你还继续大妈脸吗   导读:总被网友戏称为“袁大妈”的袁姗姗近来终于奋起反抗,除了剪短发、秀马甲线减龄外,妆容扮嫩的功力也修炼得出神入化,这款清透的裸妆白皙水嫩,搭配软萌可爱的粗眉和楚楚动人下垂眼妆,一秒嫩回少女童颜!想get袁姗姗嫩妆秘笈吗?快看李铭泽老师来揭秘! 李铭泽   美妆护肤专家:李铭泽老师 袁姗姗   袁姗姗妆容解析:   不用微整,只靠化妆其实就能这样又嫩又萌。袁姗姗显嫩的关键就是清透的自然裸妆,还有可爱的短下巴。这个靠修容就可以哦,在下巴边缘和脸部轮廓处,涂上深一号的粉底,并晕染均匀即可。   眉毛:由于袁姗姗染的是棕色发,根据发色来挑选眉色,一般是比头发颜色略深一号的,袁姗姗的眉色就恰到好处,颜色也不会太重。眉毛的打造就很简单了,袁姗姗是加重了眉头,淡化了眉尾的效果,看起来也别有一番风味。   眼妆:下垂的眼妆能营造出楚楚可怜的即视感,在日韩非常流行。画眼妆时,上眼线眼尾处尽量平拉,不要上扬;下眼线一定要晕开,不能有明显线条感。深色的眼影要叠加在眼尾处,这样视线会被集中在下眼尾,从而达到下垂眼的妆效。   唇妆:如果追求唇妆的显色度,不妨就跟袁姗姗一样选择哑光丝绒质地,往往这个质地的唇色的饱和度是最高的。涂完唇彩后,可以用带亮泽效果的唇彩涂在唇部中央,让双唇更有立体感,也会显得年轻很多;最后让唇妆轮廓自然晕开,才是最in的双唇。相关的主题文章: