Zhejiang newly diagnosed two cases of children infected with card virus is father son Sohu news adobe gamma

Zhejiang two new cases of infection for patients with Zika virus and Sohu – Sohu news news arc column just learned that the Zhejiang provincial health and Family Planning Commission today (February 23rd) informed the newly discovered two cases of input Zika virus infections, two case of parent-child relationship. As of now, nationwide as of 5 cases were found in the input of Zika virus infections, including 3 cases in Zhejiang province. According to the State Planning Commission website news, the Zhejiang provincial health and Family Planning Commission announced in February 23rd, the province found that two cases of input Zika virus infections, two case of parent-child relationship, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, 38 year old father, 8 year old son, are the same group of tourism personnel in Zhejiang province first patient. Informed that the Zhejiang provincial expert group according to the clinical manifestations and results of epidemiologic history, cases, two patients diagnosed as the Zika virus disease, and according to the incubation period identified as the first case in the popular offshore area exposed (with Zika virus disease endemic areas of Fiji, Samoa travel history, travel during the history of mosquito bites), in the same period (3-12 days) in different time points identified as common exposure to the Zika virus infection. Zhejiang Provincial Health Planning Commission reports, new cases of patients in the discovery of the first imported case, carry out health monitoring on the same tour staff closely after be found in time. At present, both patients treated in isolation, a hospital in Yiwu normal body temperature was significantly improved. Experts, Zika virus disease belongs to the mosquito transmitted diseases, mainly through infected mosquito bites, and at a time when the spring, the temperature is low, have not yet entered the active period of the input of Aedes, risk cases lead to the spread and further spread of low. But again, the current South American pop Zika virus, such as the recent public to Zika virus epidemic occurred in countries and regions to travel, should pay attention to anti mosquito measures, once the fever, rash, muscle pain and other symptoms, should be timely medical treatment, and inform the relevant travel history of medical staff initiative, pregnant women pregnant women should be carefully considered and planned to happen epidemic in countries and regions. This article source: Sohu news column (WeChat public radian number: hudunews) unauthorized reprint

浙江新确诊两寨卡病毒感染病例 患者为父子-搜狐新闻  搜狐新闻弧度栏目刚刚获悉,浙江省卫生和计划生育委员会今天(2月23日)通报新发现两例输入性寨卡病毒感染病例,两病例为父子关系。截至目前,全国范围内截至共发现5例输入性寨卡病毒感染病例,其中浙江省3例。   据国家卫计委网站消息,浙江省卫生和计划生育委员会2月23日通报,该省新发现两例输入性寨卡病毒感染病例,两病例为父子关系,浙江省义乌市人,父38岁,子8岁,均为浙江省首例患者的同团旅游人员。   通报称,浙江省专家组根据流行病学史、病例的临床表现和检测结果,确诊上述两名患者为寨卡病毒病,并根据潜伏期确定为与首例病例共同在境外流行区暴露(有寨卡病毒病流行地区斐济、萨摩亚旅行史,旅行期间有蚊虫叮咬史)后,在同一潜伏期(3-12天)的不同时间点发病,确定为共同暴露导致的寨卡病毒感染。浙江省卫计委介绍,新增病例患者是在发现首例输入性病例,开展对其同团旅游人员严密的健康监测后被及时发现。目前,两患者在义乌市某医院接受隔离治疗,体温正常,病情已明显好转。   专家介绍,寨卡病毒病属于蚊媒传播疾病,主要是通过伊蚊叮咬感染,而目前正值初春,气温较低,尚未进入伊蚊活跃期,此次输入病例引发传播并进一步扩散的风险较低。但同时再次提醒,当前南美等地流行寨卡病毒病,公众如近期到寨卡病毒疫情发生国家和地区旅行,要注意做好防蚊措施,一旦出现发热、皮疹、肌肉关节疼痛等症状,应及时到医疗机构就诊,并主动告知医务人员相关旅行史,孕妇及计划怀孕女性要慎重考虑前往发生疫情的国家和地区。   本文来源:搜狐新闻弧度栏目(微信公众号:hudunews)未经许可请勿转载相关的主题文章: