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Zhu Yuchen face the brain hole to professional robot body – Zhu Yuchen Zhu Yuchen’s Sohu entertainment robot action Zhu Yuchen handsome robot Sohu entertainment news October 29th, Zhejiang satellite TV, large original comedy variety show "comedy story" will usher in the third round of second match play competition. Zhu Yuchen has always been a low-key show for the first time cross-border comedy industry, to join the comedy of the general assembly, big show charm, while breaking the scale of his acting, but also for the audience to have a new understanding of him. In the audience feeling in the "face" professional and strong, and began to play a robot, you open the Zhu Yuchen brain is a little big! Continue to play Cui Zhijia Zhu Yuchen feelings online depth of this cool robot! Following the previous contest "passing off" works for quite feelings was praised, this program Zhu Yuchen Cui Zhijia this is the "year of Chen wine" and open the brain hole, will shine into the science fiction comedy, improvise a robot love story. And have been exposed as spoilers, Zhu Yuchen leather skinny jeans, plus the wind messy hair, rock the full range of children, many netizens said: "Zhu Yuchen is going to cross the" King "? I heard the songs are good". The professional face which strong China comedy has been Zhu Yuchen find Yuchen, have their own unique insights on comedy, even hope that if one day he became a director, first works, is a comedy, but in comedy mobilization, Zhu Yuchen has a deeper sense of Enlightenment: "I participate, too want to comment, because I think it may be two areas, stage performances, sometimes on stage, but we are not a professional stage, so I believe in Cui Zhijia." In the episode, Zhu Yuchen was in the sketch design stems frequently face, wife chasing others, domineering appearance but they pack, not wife attention, only eat cold noodle, also became a glorious cold noodle spokesperson, made the audience laugh in at the same time, there is a full distressed: "professional face which is stronger China comedy, looking for rain!"相关的主题文章: