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Zuckerberg: in 2030 the total number of Facebook users will reach 5 billion Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 5th morning news, according to the "USA Today" website reported, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) in a meeting yesterday in the company’s new office held that he is expected to 2030 when the total number of Facebook subscribers will reach 5 billion. Zuckerberg said in an interview: "we want to complete the goal of bringing all the people together, and will work with governments and businesses around the world to do this." Zuckerberg’s goal is to connect 5 billion of the world’s 7 billion people to their social networks, the report said". Of course, the 7 billion are the current global population, and Zuckerberg’s comparison is the assumption that the global population will grow by zero over the next 14 years. According to the United Nations projections, by 2030, the global population will reach 8 billion 500 million people. But in any case, even 8 billion 500 million people 5 billion people are using the Facebook service development is also a stunning. Zuckerberg has repeatedly reiterated that his goal is to link the whole world together. To this end, he launched the Internet service unmanned aerial vehicle project, and pulled the hair of the controversial Internet Internet organization. Zuckerberg believes that the latter project is conducive to the development of free Internet services, will encourage the adoption of the Internet speed up. But critics argue that Internet is the "enclosure" action launched by an American tycoon, threatening the concept of "network neutrality". (Tang Feng)

扎克伯格:2030年Facebook用户总数将达50亿   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月5日凌晨消息,据《今日美国》网站报道,Facebook CEO马克・扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)在昨日于该公司新办公室召开的一次会议上称,他预计到2030年时Facebook用户总数将达50亿人。   扎克伯格在接受采访时表示:“我们希望完成将所有人都联系到一起的目标,将与全球各国政府和企业合作来做这件事情。”   报道称,扎克伯格的目标是让“全世界70亿人中的50亿人连上其社交网络”。当然,70亿人是目前的全球人口总数,扎克伯格的这种对比是假设未来14年时间里全球人口零增长。而根据联合国作出的预测,到2030年时全球人口总数将达85亿人。但无论如何,即便是85亿人中有50亿人都使用Facebook服务,也是一种令人瞠目的发展。   扎克伯格曾在此前多次重申,他的目标是将整个世界都联系到一起。为此,他推出了可交付互联网服务的无人机项目,并牵头发起了颇有争议的Internet互联网组织。扎克伯格认为,后一个项目有利于发展免费互联网服务,将可鼓励互联网的采用速度加快。但批评人士则认为,Internet是由一家美国企业巨头发起的“圈地”行动,会对“网络中立性”等概念造成威胁。(唐风)相关的主题文章: